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90 minutes

105 degrees.

26 postures.


26 postures.
90 minutes.
105 degrees.

Exactly the same and always different.

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    26th of July 2017 04:30 PM Link
    Here are a few of the 30 Day challengers striving for excellence as they do work to develop and deepen heir practices. 💫💫
    Only a few more days for our July 30 Day Challengers! Keep pushing and enjoy the process!
    Be on the look out for the next studio wide 30 Day Challenge!
    Hope to see you in the Studio!
    Photo courtesy of @fiorella_sanchez105
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    26th of July 2017 11:15 AM Link
    Check out this article sharing which ingredients to add to your pre-workout smoothie for an energy boost to optimize your entire workout!
    What are you favorite fruits to add to your smoothie?
    Message image
    25th of July 2017 04:30 PM Link
    The changes you want to see, begin from within!

    Share with us, a way you have prepared for the week ahead!

    Hope to see you in the Studio!
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    25th of July 2017 11:00 AM Link
    In the same way we practice Bikram Yoga to heal, massage therapy is an alternative healing method that's used to heal, combat stress and chronic illnesses, and encourage good health.
    Learn more about how massage works as medicine!
    24th of July 2017 02:30 PM Link
    Did you know, we take about a half a million breaths in our lifetime? Learn the benefits of being in control and aware of your breath.

    Hope to see you in the studio!
    24th of July 2017 09:30 AM
    Taking a moment to send lots of gratitude and appreciation to all the Instructors and Yogis that frequent Bikram Yoga Alexandria. Where we come together to learn, build, and heal.

    Fi and Jen having an awesome teaching moment, motivating students to get on the mat to practice what they've learned about triangle 'Trikonasana'.
    Hope to see you in the studio!
    23rd of July 2017 03:10 PM Link
    Focus on the breath and experience what the mind does. Each time you practice stillness on the mat you become more receptive and attentive to what you need to learn from yourself.
    Share your favorite asana with us!
    Hope to see you in the Studio!
    Message image
    22nd of July 2017 08:23 PM Link
    In class, instructors say "This is a 90-minute moving meditation", but what does meditation mean?
    Check out this video to get a better idea of what meditation means
    Incorporating meditation in your daily life is an insightful and handy self-care practice!

    Have you ever practiced meditation?

    Hope to see you in the Studio!
    22nd of July 2017 09:41 AM Link
    Say hello to part of our BYA family! The lovely Jean, Laura, and our in-house Massage Therapist, Earl!

    Never had massage here?!! Reach out to Laura and she can tell you about them!
    A bodywork massage is great way to compliment your Bikram yoga practice.
    Also Have you heard about our massage sale? It’s ongoing until the end of summer!
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    21st of July 2017 09:00 AM Link
    Happy Friday BYA Yogis!
    A yoga practice is not limited to the asanas and yogic philosophy, but the act of embarking on a yoga practice begins the journey into self-care and ultimately self-love. What are some of they ways you practice self-care?