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90 minutes

105 degrees.

26 postures.


26 postures.
90 minutes.
105 degrees.

Exactly the same and always different.

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    28th of June 2017 07:15 PM Link
    As yogis we practice being be comfortable with the uncomfortable take this lesson off the mat, and see how you grow!
    Hope to see you in the Studio!
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    28th of June 2017 12:31 PM Link
    The way we view food is important for our overall health! As you practice, especially in the hot room replenishing nutrients and water is imperative, but sometimes one's perception of food can become skewed. Here's an interesting article with tips to reset your relationship with food!

    Hope to see you in the Studio!
    27th of June 2017 03:00 PM Link
    We had the pleasure of having guest teacher Marco Sanchez for the 9:30 class. He trained alongside Jean, David, and Antonia. He was a delight and set us up for the perfect final savasana! Yet, after class, there was a conversation about what brings people to Bikram or what is it that motivates people to practice this yoga daily? There are a variety of reasons, but we want to hear from you!
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    26th of June 2017 03:35 PM Link
    The last breathing exercise we practice before the well deserved savasana is Kapalabhati pranayama pronounced : Kah-bah-lah-bah-tee . A breathing technique with so many benefits! Some practitioners even refer to this practice as it "Skull-Shining", wonder why? Check out this article!

    Hope to see you in the studio!
    25th of June 2017 02:00 PM Link
    The benefits of practicing and the reasons why you practice give you a better understanding of yourself!
    . #bikramalexandria #loveyoursweat #yogabenefits #harvard #health #yoga
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    25th of June 2017 01:22 PM Link
    Here's an article sharing a few foods that will keep you healthy on and off the mat. Check it out and let us know what are some of your favorite foods that keep you motivated and strong! Also be on the lookout for our next Summer Nutrition Lab for tips, tastes, and recipes!

    Hope to see you in the Studio!
    21st of June 2017 07:40 PM Link
    21st of June 2017 07:39 PM Link
    21st of June 2017 07:21 PM Link
    21st of June 2017 06:16 PM Link