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90 minutes

105 degrees.

26 postures.


26 postures.
90 minutes.
105 degrees.

Exactly the same and always different.

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5416 Eisenhower Ave
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    19th of October 2017 09:30 AM Link
    Time and time again, you'll hear our instructors say "This yoga works" check out this article and learn a bit more about how healing this yoga truly is!

    In what ways has Bikram Yoga healed you?
    18th of October 2017 04:35 PM Link
    Happy Wednesday Yogis! Here is some Bikram Wisdom on the practice of yoga; you gain the tools and apply them to life 🌿🕉
    See you in the studio! #bikramyoga #bikramalexandria #wednesdaywisdom #yogaalways
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    18th of October 2017 09:30 AM Link
    Are you showing up for yourself?
    17th of October 2017 03:00 PM Link
    Most of us have something we want to learn to improve ourselves or for simple enjoyment! Share with us what you’d like to add to your life!!
    See you soon in the Hot Room ♨️ #bikramyoga #selfcare #yoga #health
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    17th of October 2017 09:15 AM Link
    Who knew being naked could be so good? Embrace the skin you're in!
    16th of October 2017 03:00 PM Link
    If there is something you seek you’ll learn more as you practice yoga. Come back to class tomorrow and see what you discover
    Hope to see you in the Hot Room ♨️
    *********************************************** #bikramyoga #yoga #practice #improvement
    Message image
    16th of October 2017 09:15 AM Link
    Men do yoga too!Here's a fun article focusing on introducing Men to Bikram Yoga. Guess which cool-guy actor practices Bikram! The answer is in the article!
    Do any of the men who practice at Bikram Alexandria, think it's "Most male-friendly" style of yoga?
    15th of October 2017 09:10 AM Link
    Thoughts to ponder on this self-care Sunday. Questions to ask yourself as we transition into a new season. Check-in & Take care!
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    14th of October 2017 04:02 PM Link
    Great time at the Awkward Posture Lab! Examining foot placement to make sure you have proper alignment throughout the entire pose. Remember to press the big toe down for stability and to help you come up maximum on your toes like a ballerina!
    ************************* #bikramyoga #yoga #awkwardpose
    13th of October 2017 03:30 PM Link
    Want to learn more about the Awkward Series? Join us tomorrow for the Posture Lab at 2pm! Come ready to get square 📦 and feel free to bring a notebook 📓 and plenty of questions!
    Hope to see you then!!
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